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Last week we had a great few days at Bett 2015, chairing the Technology in Higher Education Summit. We also joined Heppell and the Education & Training Foundation on the Answers, Answers, Answers stand, and here, Jisc's Nigel Ecclesfield reflects on the show as a whole.  

Find out more at http://www.bettshow.com/Content/Technology-in-Higher-Education-Summit

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We're at BETT 2015 this week chairing the Technology in Higher Education Summit - a space for higher education professionals to share ideas, future-gaze and streamline technology decision-making. It's day three and today Jisc's Tim Marshall has been chairing a series of sessions on maintaining your institution's competitiveness. Here, Tim runs through some of the day's highlights, including discussions on using technology to boost national student survey scoring, lecture capture as standard, and collaboration between industry and universities in the form of MOOCs.

Find out more at http://www.bettshow.com/Content/Technology-in-Higher-Education-Summit

Jisc's very own digital festival, #digifest15 takes place in Birmingham on 9th and 10th of March. You can book your ticket now by visiting www.jisc.ac.uk/digifest

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We're at BETT 2015 this week chairing the Technology in Higher Education Summit - a space for higher education professionals to share ideas, future-gaze and streamline technology decision-making. 

It's day two, and today, Jisc's Sarah Davies was in the hot seat, overseeing a day of sessions on the topic of Developing Pedagogy and in this podcast she discusses some of the key topics that came up, including the importance of use of language when talking about change, technology and assessment, and alternate reality gaming in education.

Also at BETT today was Jisc subject matter expert Esther Barrett, and here she tells us what's caught her eye around the exhibition - including the push to implement e-learning and digital literacy in teacher training, and virtual reality as an educational tool.

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We're at BETT 2015 this week chairing the Technology in Higher Education Summit - a space for higher education professionals to share ideas, future-gaze and streamline technology decision-making. 

We're going to be reporting from BETT for the duration of the exhibition, and today, Jisc's Lawrie Phipps chaired a day of sessions on the topic of 'Enhancing the learning of students'. Here he discusses the findings that emerged including attitudes towards social media in higher education and the next generation of student expectations.

Tomorrow we'll be hearing from Sarah Davies after her day of chairing sessions and presentations on the topic of developing pedagogy.

Find out more about the sessions at http://www.bettshow.com/Content/Technology-in-Higher-Education-Summit

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Our new book, 'E-books in education: realising the vision', brings together the experiences of colleagues in universities and colleges across the UK, describing how managers, teachers and librarians are encouraging the use of e-books and why they can be an important asset for institutions, academics and students.

Find out more in our latest podcast, and download the book for free at http://jisc.ac.uk/blog/where-next-for-the-ebook-08-dec-2014

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Journal publishing models are changing rapidly, especially here in the UK. In this podcast we look at the pressing need for institutions to track the true cost of article processing charges (APCs) so they can manage their transition to open access from a position of authority and monitor their costs effectively.

Find out more in Lorraine Estelle's blogpost at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/blog/unravelling-the-true-cost-of-publishing-in-open-access-15-dec-2014



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Last week, we released a report on the ethical and legal challenges of learning analytics. Find out more in this podcast from report author Niall Sclater.

You can find Niall's blog and a link to the report at http://analytics.jiscinvolve.org/wp/2014/12/04/jisc-releases-report-on-ethical-and-legal-challenges-of-learning-analytics/

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Last week we were in London for the 2014 Times Higher Education Awards, which recognise and celebrate exceptional talent, dedication and innovation across the sector. 

We sponsored the award for Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year, won by the Open University's OpenScience Laboratory. We were hugely impressed by all of the shortlisted institutions though, and in this podcast Jisc futurist Martin Hamilton talks us through the projects and initiatives. 

Find out more at http://jisc.ac.uk/blog/celebrating-outstanding-ict-in-uk-higher-education-28-nov-2014

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The Summer of Student Innovation showcase event took place on Wednesday 26 November at the University of Reading, and featured the 20 winning teams from the 2014 cohort. This podcast features interviews with some of the teams as they discuss their projects, and also includes comment from Jisc chief innovation officer Phil Richards and deputy chief innovation officer Andy McGregor, who oversees the competition.

Find out more at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/student-innovation

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Last week saw the launch of Digimap for Colleges - a secure, free and easy to use online mapping tool that supports further education institutions and staff, and aids students in their studies.

In this podcast, Edina's Anne Robertson talks us through the service and explains the importance of ensuring digital services are made relevant to the curriculum.

More information can be found in Anne's blog at http://jisc.ac.uk/blog/delivering-curriculum-relevant-services-20-nov-2014

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