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Vivien Ward, project manager at Jisc Collections, looks at why universities might want to look at publishing textbooks themselves, what the challenges are, and how it can add value.

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In this edition of the Jisc podcast, Simon Thomson, an academic specialising in digital and technology-based learning, considers how digital pedagogies can support innovation. In a recent blog, Jisc's senior co-design manager Lawrie Phipps suggested that institutions' position of power over their students' access to the digital domain amounted to a colonial arrangement. Simon asks if this is the case, how should we redress the balance of power?

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Deborah Millar is head of e-Learning at Blackburn College. In the latest podcast from Jisc, she talks about the value of Twitter for continuing professional development, and why people are sometimes reluctant to embrace it.

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Hear about our open access good practice pathfinder projects including the latest developments in other Jisc open access (OA) services and projects.

The pathfinder projects are blazing trails in the creation of shareable models of good practice that you can take away and use to enable better OA implementation within your own institution.


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Inspired by Jisc’s change agents' network, a number of universities have come together to form the London Digital Student Meet-Up, an event that brings together students and staff to work together across institutions. Moira Wright, digital literacy officer at University College London, and one of the meet-up founders, discusses the learnings from the first event and what’s in store for the future. 

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Our final connect more with Jisc event took place in London on 15 July, giving people from the south east the opportunity to hear from experts and try out innovative technologies, with plenty of time for networking. In this podcast we hear from delegates and Jisc colleagues about their experiences. 

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Lisa Featherstone is a Jisc subject specialist advising on accessibility and inclusion. In this podcast, she offers her tips on using technology to create more flexible resources that can meet the needs of students with disabilities and learning impairments.

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Jisc was a sponsor of the Herald Higher Education Awards for its the Technology Innovation Excellence category, which recognise best practice in Scottish universities and colleges. Here, Jason Miles-Campbell, head of Jisc Scotland and Jisc Northern Ireland, looks at the shortlisted entries.

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In June, The Open University's production portal was named the winner of the Times Higher Leadership and Management Awards 2015 'Digital Innovation' category, sponsored by Jisc. Here, we speak to Glen Harding, solution architect on the project, about how the portal is making it easier to discover, manage and re-use audio/visual material.

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Jisc has been touring the UK this summer with our connect more events, which offer people in education and research a chance to learn about best practice, network with peers and get hands-on with the latest technolgies. Matthew Ewens, community engagement officer, Jisc, reports from Bristol, speaking to colleagues and other delegates about their experiences.

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