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Earlier this year the University of GlasgowSchool of Mathematics and Statistics won The Herald Higher Education Awards category for Innovation Technology Excellence. These awards celebrate the best and brightest in higher education in Scotland, with the school commended for its innovative digital approach to providing students with continuous feedback. We speak to the university's Professor Tara Brendle, Professor Ian Strachen and Dr Andrew Wilson to find out more.

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One of the ways that Jisc supports its members is by offering training and consultancy that empowers them to embed best practice across their organisation. Aberystwyth University is an example of an organisation that has recieved our advice and guidance, and been able to disseminate their learnings further, to excellent effect. 

Following a 'train the trainer' session on digital storytelling with subject specialist, Chris Thomson, the university's e-learning group has delivered its own session for teaching staff. This has inspired attendees to develop innovative teaching activities using digital storytelling, with the help of CADARN Learning Portal, which provided the WeVideo platform for video editing. We hear from Mary Jacobs, e-learning advisor, and Stephen Chapman, teaching fellow and researcher about how they've embraced digital storytelling whole-heartedly.

For more information you can visit the university's guide on digital storytelling.

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We hear from winners past and present at the design sprint, and Justin Haylock tells us about this year's winning ideas, and what the teams have been up to as part of the four day rapid-prototyping process (including playing with lego). 

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Jisc’s effective learning analytics project aims to help colleges and universities better analyse and understand their data, and use this to improve retention and attainment. This includes building a national learning analytics service for the sector, and a student app that puts the power in their hands by tracking their learning activity and allowing them to maximise their learning potential.

University of Gloucestershire are one of the institutions to pilot the student app. We speak to Dr Nick Moore, director of IT services for the university, about the interest in learning analytics and why they're working with Jisc.

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Lisa Gray and Martyn Roads have been examining use of technology-enhanced assessment and feedback in FE and skills. How is the sector doing?

As the move to open access gathers pace article processing charges are having a big impact on academic libraries. Katie Shamash explores the issues...

In our last podcast for Connect more 2016, we take a look back at all of our events, featuring interviews from our events in London, Belfast, Stirling, Swansea, Liverpool, Nottingham and Cheltenham.

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