What the Edtech?!

Paul Bailey, who manages the Summer of Student Innovation competition, talks about why you should take a look at this year’s entries, and  vote for your favourite ideas.

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The UK education funding councils’ post-2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) open access policy came into effect in April. Mafalda Marques, project officer (PASTEUR4OA), Jisc, talks through the key requirements and the support available to institutions to help them comply.

For more information on the policy visit the original blog post.

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Further education (FE) and skills in the UK have come up against a lot of challenges in the last few years. Does FELTAG still have a place?

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Justin Haylock, Senior innovation developer at Jisc, talks about his role as part of this year's Summer of Student Innovation competition, shares some inspiration from previous winners, and explains why you should apply if you think you have a great idea

How do we move to a data-led culture in UK research and education? In this podcast, hear about the second in a series of reports due to emerge from our horizon scanning project.

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The University of Stirling has recently upgraded its internet connectivity, taking an additional connection to the Janet network and becoming a Janet Point of Presence. This has increased the university’s capabilities and resilience, supporting its business strategy and improving teaching, learning and research.

Kathy McCabe, university librarian and director of information services, tells us about what they’ve done and how they’re benefitting.

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World Autism Awareness Week ran from 2 – 8 April this year. With one in every 100 people on the autism spectrum, and even the word ‘autism’ meaning different things to different people, it’s an issue educators must concern themselves with. Julia Taylor, Jisc subject specialist (accessibility and inclusion), shares ten tips for supporting autistic learners more effectively.

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This week is Networkshop44, our annual technical event for network managers and technical staff, this year from the University of Manchester. Today Tim Kidd, Executive Director Jisc Technologies, talks about an exciting deal that has been signed on site, as well about what makes Networkshop such a unique and fascinating event. We also hear from Computer Weekly, the media partner for this year’s Networkshop, and Mark Adderley from Efficient IP talks about the importance of Networkshop and why they keep coming back.

For more information, visit http://www.jisc.ac.uk/networkshop 

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This week is Networkshop44, our annual technical event for network managers and technical staff, this year from the University of Manchester. The conference is in full swing, and delegates are enjoying informative sessions and exhibits aplenty.

Here, Andy Butcher, Head of Education in UK and Ireland for Extreme Networks, speaks about his Networkshop experience. Jeremy Sharp, Director of strategic technologies at Jisc, discusses the Janet Network both at and away from Networkshop, and what will be needed from the network in the future.

Find out more at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/networkshop

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In a landmark move for research, AWS is waiving data egress charges for qualified researchers and academics in moving data out of the cloud - making it easier for the sector to use cloud services by offering more predictability in costs. The agreement has been reached through ongoing discussions with Jisc in the UK, GÉANT in Europe, and DLT in the United States. 

At Digifest16, we spoke with Brendan Bouffler, scientific computing manager at AWS, about how the agreement will benefit researchers.

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