What the Edtech?!

We’re delighted to support the team behind Call for Participants who are currently showcasing their project at this year’s prestigious Web Summit conference in Dublin. Call for Participants grew from Jisc’s 2013 Summer of Student Innovation co-design project. In this podcast, recorded at Web Summit, Matthew Terrell tells us how important Jisc’s support has been to the team and gives his top tips for succeeding as a digital innovator. 

To find out more visit www.jisc.ac.uk

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Over the past few months we've been conducting interviews with projects in research data spring, to find out more about their work, progress to date, and how they've found the process so far.

We also want to find out about the people behind the ideas and get to know them and their aspirations.

In this podcast we speak to Joy Davidson from the Digital Curation Centre about a project to improve how institutions support research data management.

Visit the Jisc website to find out more.

Richard French, international coordinator at Jisc is attending the Educause annual conference in the US. Educause is the association for higher education IT professionals in the US and their conference is one of the largest EdTech events in the world. Following research undertaken last year which found that IT manager were not always involved in leadership decisions, where their skills and knowledge could benefit their institution. Richard talks to attendees to find out how much progress has been made in getting IT professional a seat at the management table.

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