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This week, Eric Stoller, student affairs and technology blogger for Inside Higher Ed, returns for his second guest podcast and blog on how effective use of social media can improve the student experience. Read the original blog post.

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Welcome to the latest Jisc podcast. Jisc is helping to support the e-assessment advisory group (EAAG) in reflecting on current practice and processes relating to e-assessment. Here Nigel Ecclesfield, head of change implementation support programmes – FE and skills, talks about the survey, who should get involved, and how.


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For the first time this summer, students with print-impairments will be able to sit digital examsAlistair McNaught, subject specialist, talks about the changes and what learners and organisations need to do to take advantage. Read the original blog post.


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In a guest podcast for Jisc, Eric Stoller, student affairs and technology blogger for Inside Higher Ed, talks about Yik Yak and the rise of anonymous social media.


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Hear from Roger Schonfeld, Director, Library and Scholary Communications Program, at Ithaka. He tells us about the benefits available for universities who are signing up to take part in this year’s UK survey of academics and how you can get involved.

To get involved in the 2015 survey please contact Alisa Rod 

For more information visit www.jisc.ac.uk 



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Jisc’s Janet6 network, provided for UK education and research, won the fixed network infrastructure innovation category at the Global Business Telecoms awards.

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This week we're at Colleges Wales Annual Conference 2015, the annual event for further education providers, practitioners and policymakers in Wales. Alyson Dacey, head of Jisc Wales, discusses what we're doing to support the sector.

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Myerscough College, a land-based further and higher education college in the north west, is one of the approximately 160 further education colleges in England to sign up for additional connections to Jisc’s Janet network. Ian Brown, director of IT & MIS, talks to us about why they’ve taken an extra four connections. 

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Neil Shewry, project leader, Jisc, talks about his experience of Networkshop 43, Jisc’s annual technical conference aimed at network managers and technical staff.

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Andrew Cormack, chief regulatory adviser, Jisc technologies, explains how Cloud technology is a lot more interesting and offers more opportunities than the stereotypes suggest.

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