Beyond the Technology: The education 4.0 podcast

Sarah Knight speaks to Elaine Hartin and Andy Jaffrey, from Ulster University, about their agile and flexible approach to their strategic plan and the integration of digital technologies at the Belfast campus.

In this podcast, Sarah Knight, head of learning and teaching transformation in the higher education and research directorate at Jisc, is joined by Elaine Hartin, chief strategy and finance officer, and Andy Jaffrey, head of the centre for digital learning enhancement, at Ulster University to discuss what Elaine, Andy and their teams are doing to support digital transformation.

Andy begins by describing the hidden work that provides the infrastructure for digital innovation and how digital transformation has been happening at all levels of the organisation by breaking down silos and encouraging a culture to support innovative practice.

We hear from Elaine on using digital transformation to enable strategy by getting the communication, culture and execution right. Elaine also speaks about having a plan and clear milestones in place to assist with the journey of digital transformation.

Elaine and Andy take us through some of the initiatives that support digital transformation at the university, including a significant cyber security program, the use of Power BI to support academic planning and the integration of technology into the learning spaces at the Belfast campus, which have been embraced by both staff and students.

Listen to the full episode for all of this and more, including the challenges of keeping up the momentum of digital transformation and how Ulster are supporting staff and students with the AI innovations in the sector.

Show notes:

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