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Keeping your information secure can seem like a constant battle on all sides. Instead of trying to secure everything, Andrew Cormack, chief regulatory officer, Jisc technologies, advocates adopting a strategy to allow what activities you can, and defend your most valuable information assets.

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Recently Jisc opened a call to find 50 of the most influential HE professionals on social media in the UK at #jisc50social. But what actually constitutes good practice? And how can universities and colleges encourage their staff to get involved? Tom Mitchell, group social media manager, offers his advice.

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This week Jisc launched a call to find the 50 most influential HE professionals in the UK on social media. Tom Mitchell, Group social media manager, talks about the initiative - which will recognise those individuals who are using social media in a way that benefits and adds value to education and research – and how you can enter. Read the original blog post here.

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Martin Hamilton, Jisc's futurist, looks back on his experiences at the Google Moonshot for Education Summit, where 40 edtech innovators came together to discuss the future of education. He tells us about some of the moonshot thinking to come out of the event. 

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Andrew Cormack, chief regulatory advisor, Jisc technologies, has recently written a chapter on information security for the book Digital Futures, which brings together a number of expert briefings on digital technologies for education and research. In this podcast he gives us a preview of his advice.

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Vivien Ward, project manager at Jisc Collections, looks at why universities might want to look at publishing textbooks themselves, what the challenges are, and how it can add value.

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In this edition of the Jisc podcast, Simon Thomson, an academic specialising in digital and technology-based learning, considers how digital pedagogies can support innovation. In a recent blog, Jisc's senior co-design manager Lawrie Phipps suggested that institutions' position of power over their students' access to the digital domain amounted to a colonial arrangement. Simon asks if this is the case, how should we redress the balance of power?

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