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In the final episode of series one of What the Edtech?! we take a look back over the best bits so far. This mega-mix of insight and advice from top industry experts from the worlds of education and technology, covers everything from social media for student engagement to learning analytics to the future of AI in education. We’ve collected all the key take-aways into one concise 40-minute episode.

Since the launch of the series we’ve had fantastic feedback from listeners with lots of suggestions for topics for future episodes – thank to everyone who has been in touch via our Twitter and Facebook pages. We’re already hard at work on series two but in the meantime enjoy this ‘best of’ episode.

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Artificial intelligence: the biggest shake up since the invention of the motorcar?

In this penultimate episode Martin Hamilton, resident futurist here at Jisc, and historian Sir Anthony Seldon explore the amazing, and often misunderstood, world of artificial intelligence (AI) and discuss how future technologies can enhance the teaching process. 

We also hear from professor Bob Stone, director of the human interface technologies team at the university of Birmingham. He shares his thoughts on current and future technologies, and chats through some of his projects, including his work in mixed reality (combining the best of the real with the best of the virtual) in order to teach RAF trainee medics.

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An in-depth look at cyber security, the types of attacks targeted at universities and colleges and the measures taken to mitigate the risks.

Jisc’s chief security analyst Lee Harrigan-Green joins us this week to give insight on the cyber security threats facing institutions and their students. In a fast-moving sector where preventative measures must stay ahead of new and evolving threats, Lee takes us through what individuals and organisations can do to stay secure online. Apprentice developer James Hodgkinson also joins the panel to discuss experiences during his apprenticeship.

In a special expert practitioner segment, Jisc’s Matthew O’Donnell reveals the work of a penetration tester attempting to uncover chinks in the armour of institutions security.

Show notes

For a comprehensive collection of resources and further information on cyber security, head to the cyber security section of our website.

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