Beyond the Technology: The education 4.0 podcast

Host Simon Birkett is joined by Helen Cocks from the University of Exeter to discuss how their agile culture is paying off for digital transformation.

In this episode of the Beyond the Technology podcast, Helen Cocks, Head of Digital Strategy and Engagement, joins us to discuss the approach powering digital transformation at the University of Exeter. The university is already reaping the rewards of the digital strategy they implemented less than two years ago, with a vision of becoming the most accessible and connected university destination for any user.

Helen touches on subjects ranging from recruitment and data infrastructure to digital initiatives and a motto of ‘practice what you teach’. She tells us about the lessons learned along the way, explaining why data in particular has been so crucial to their progress.

We also hear about the user-led approach taken to try and make processes easier and more responsive for a user base of digital natives wanting to replicate the polished experience they get with the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

Listen to the episode in full for all this and more, including Helen’s best advice for other higher education leaders looking to make progress on their digital transformation journeys.


Show notes:

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