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The 2016 Times Higher Education (THE) Awards on 24 November 2016 saw the sector come together to recognise innovation from institutions across the UK, showcasing the best of higher education.

Dr Daniel Morgan, Associate Professor: Igneous Petrology & Volcanology; talks to us about the winning project, Virtual Landscape. Then Martin Hamilton, Jisc's resident Futurist, discusses the judging process.

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The AoC Annual Conference and Exhibition marks the coming together of people from across the further education sector to exchange ideas, share best practice and stimulate debate.

Speaking to Val Keay, Paul McKean, Jisc head of FE and skills, reflects on the Jisc panel session from the first day, which featured college principals who are using technology to enable organisational change and enhance the learning experience.

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Universities UK (UUK), in partnership with Civitas Learning and Jisc, recently released a report on learning analytics in UK higher education (HE), which recognises it as being a powerful set of tools for helping institutions to support learner retention and progression.

Jisc's Niall Sclater takes a closer look at the report, discussing the potential of learning analytics, blockers and challenges, and gives advice on how to move forward and make the most of the opportunities.

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You can also visit Jisc's learning analytics project page for more information on our pilot.

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Earlier this year we spoke to Dr Nick Moore, director of IT services at the University of Gloucestershire, about the university’s interest in learning analytics and involvement in Jisc’s effective learning analytics pilot. Now a couple of months into deployment, we pick up conversations with Nick to find out how far they’ve come in the on-boarding process, experiences in terms of challenges and opportunities, and what comes next.

In this podcast James Clay and Andy McGregor discuss the concept of the intelligent campus. There has been plenty of hype over artificial intelligence and the internet of things - we believe it may be time to put aside the cynicism that this kind of hype generates and look seriously at how we can take advantage of these emerging technologies to improve the student experience, research and the management of our campuses.


Find out more at

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Earlier this year the University of GlasgowSchool of Mathematics and Statistics won The Herald Higher Education Awards category for Innovation Technology Excellence. These awards celebrate the best and brightest in higher education in Scotland, with the school commended for its innovative digital approach to providing students with continuous feedback. We speak to the university's Professor Tara Brendle, Professor Ian Strachen and Dr Andrew Wilson to find out more.

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One of the ways that Jisc supports its members is by offering training and consultancy that empowers them to embed best practice across their organisation. Aberystwyth University is an example of an organisation that has recieved our advice and guidance, and been able to disseminate their learnings further, to excellent effect. 

Following a 'train the trainer' session on digital storytelling with subject specialist, Chris Thomson, the university's e-learning group has delivered its own session for teaching staff. This has inspired attendees to develop innovative teaching activities using digital storytelling, with the help of CADARN Learning Portal, which provided the WeVideo platform for video editing. We hear from Mary Jacobs, e-learning advisor, and Stephen Chapman, teaching fellow and researcher about how they've embraced digital storytelling whole-heartedly.

For more information you can visit the university's guide on digital storytelling.

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We hear from winners past and present at the design sprint, and Justin Haylock tells us about this year's winning ideas, and what the teams have been up to as part of the four day rapid-prototyping process (including playing with lego). 

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Jisc’s effective learning analytics project aims to help colleges and universities better analyse and understand their data, and use this to improve retention and attainment. This includes building a national learning analytics service for the sector, and a student app that puts the power in their hands by tracking their learning activity and allowing them to maximise their learning potential.

University of Gloucestershire are one of the institutions to pilot the student app. We speak to Dr Nick Moore, director of IT services for the university, about the interest in learning analytics and why they're working with Jisc.

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Lisa Gray and Martyn Roads have been examining use of technology-enhanced assessment and feedback in FE and skills. How is the sector doing?

As the move to open access gathers pace article processing charges are having a big impact on academic libraries. Katie Shamash explores the issues...

In our last podcast for Connect more 2016, we take a look back at all of our events, featuring interviews from our events in London, Belfast, Stirling, Swansea, Liverpool, Nottingham and Cheltenham.

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Google for Education provides go-to solutions for students and teachers - with more than 50 million users of Google Apps for Education and ten million using Google Classroom. Jisc Futurist, Martin Hamilton reports from the latest Google for Education Summit. We hear from colleges and universities about how they are using Google tools in their own practice, as well as Liz Sproat, head of education EMEA at Google, about the latest product and service developments.

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For our final Connect more event for the south and east we headed to Nottingham. Jisc's Gemma Ellis spoke to a number of practitioners from across higher education, further education and skills who were presenting at the event and sharing their experiences and practice for others to learn from. You’ll hear from Kerry Pinny, digital educational developer at the University of Lincoln on embedding digital capabilities; Pete Gallop, head of ILT and LRC at Isle of Wight College on their use of Microsoft 365; and Sarabjit Borrill, lead tutor (English) for Leicestershire Adult Services, who’s engaging learners through tools such as Wikis. Jisc’s senior co-design manager, Sarah Knight, who had a busy day heading up two workshops, also chats to us about Jisc’s digital student project.

Find out more at

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Jisc's Georgie Myers reports from Cheltenham Racecourse, where we held the fifth in our summer series of regional Connect more edtech events on Thursday 30 June 2016.

Georgie chats to the University of Plymouth's Steve Wheeler, head of Jisc south west and midlands Lyn Bender, and Jisc's resident futurist Martin Hamilton about the highlights of the day.

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In this podcast Jisc's Emily Jones reports from the British Library, the venue for Jisc's fourth 'Connect more' event of the summer.

Emily discusses what students really want from their learning experience with Jisc's Sue Attewell and gets an idea of what makes our series of connect more events unique.

She also talks to Lewisham College's Jo Burbidge about the flipped classroom concept, and the University of Arts' London's Dave White discusses his idea of 'learning as becoming'.

For more on our summer series of connect more events, see our website or follow the Twitter hashtag #connectmore16.

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Alan Buxey, Senior IT Services Specialist at Loughborough University and eduroam technical specialist, talks about the eduroam clinics that are run by Jisc. Whether you are in the process of deploying eduroam, have an operational service or are considering applying to join eduroam, listen to this podcast to discover what you can gain from joining one of our live online eduroam clinics.

Find out more and register for the next eduroam support clinic taking place on the 5th July 2016:

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Jisc's Georgie Myers reports from Stirling, where we held the first #connectmore16 event of the summer on 16 June.

She talks to Jisc's deputy chief innovation officer Andy McGregor, Glasgow Caledonian University's Lina Petrakieva, and head of Jisc Scotland Jason Miles-Campbell.

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Learning analytics is big news at the moment, so, along with our M5 colleagues QAA, HESA and Universities UK, we recently held a successful ‘think tank’ exploring the hot topic of data-driven decision-making and the recommendations in our recent horizon scanning report.

In this podcast, our resident futurist Martin Hamilton talks with delegates from Brunel University, Blackboard, Civitas Learning and from the University of Greenwich. What did they go along for? How do they think learning analytics could make a difference in the future of education? What’s inspired them? And what ‘quick wins’ will they be taking back to their institutions? Listen to get the lowdown on the latest thinking, and join in the conversation at #jiscfutures. We’ll be writing up the event in a short report, too, as part of our ongoing horizon scanning project – so watch this space!

Visit to learn more about our current work.

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Paul Bailey, who manages the Summer of Student Innovation competition, talks about why you should take a look at this year’s entries, and  vote for your favourite ideas.

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The UK education funding councils’ post-2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) open access policy came into effect in April. Mafalda Marques, project officer (PASTEUR4OA), Jisc, talks through the key requirements and the support available to institutions to help them comply.

For more information on the policy visit the original blog post.

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Further education (FE) and skills in the UK have come up against a lot of challenges in the last few years. Does FELTAG still have a place?

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Justin Haylock, Senior innovation developer at Jisc, talks about his role as part of this year's Summer of Student Innovation competition, shares some inspiration from previous winners, and explains why you should apply if you think you have a great idea

How do we move to a data-led culture in UK research and education? In this podcast, hear about the second in a series of reports due to emerge from our horizon scanning project.

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The University of Stirling has recently upgraded its internet connectivity, taking an additional connection to the Janet network and becoming a Janet Point of Presence. This has increased the university’s capabilities and resilience, supporting its business strategy and improving teaching, learning and research.

Kathy McCabe, university librarian and director of information services, tells us about what they’ve done and how they’re benefitting.

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World Autism Awareness Week ran from 2 – 8 April this year. With one in every 100 people on the autism spectrum, and even the word ‘autism’ meaning different things to different people, it’s an issue educators must concern themselves with. Julia Taylor, Jisc subject specialist (accessibility and inclusion), shares ten tips for supporting autistic learners more effectively.

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This week is Networkshop44, our annual technical event for network managers and technical staff, this year from the University of Manchester. Today Tim Kidd, Executive Director Jisc Technologies, talks about an exciting deal that has been signed on site, as well about what makes Networkshop such a unique and fascinating event. We also hear from Computer Weekly, the media partner for this year’s Networkshop, and Mark Adderley from Efficient IP talks about the importance of Networkshop and why they keep coming back.

For more information, visit 

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This week is Networkshop44, our annual technical event for network managers and technical staff, this year from the University of Manchester. The conference is in full swing, and delegates are enjoying informative sessions and exhibits aplenty.

Here, Andy Butcher, Head of Education in UK and Ireland for Extreme Networks, speaks about his Networkshop experience. Jeremy Sharp, Director of strategic technologies at Jisc, discusses the Janet Network both at and away from Networkshop, and what will be needed from the network in the future.

Find out more at

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In a landmark move for research, AWS is waiving data egress charges for qualified researchers and academics in moving data out of the cloud - making it easier for the sector to use cloud services by offering more predictability in costs. The agreement has been reached through ongoing discussions with Jisc in the UK, GÉANT in Europe, and DLT in the United States. 

At Digifest16, we spoke with Brendan Bouffler, scientific computing manager at AWS, about how the agreement will benefit researchers.

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Jisc learning analytics specialist Niall Sclater has been working with a number of universities to help them with the legal and ethical issues they encounter when implementing learning analytics. Here is talks about the institutional readiness for learning analytics. Read his blog for more information. 

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Learning analytics specialist Niall Sclater has been speaking to experts about the legal and ethical issues around how colleges and universities should look after student data to comply with ethical and legal requirements. Hear what they had to say in our podcast.

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Catch up on day two of Digifest 2016 with our podcast as we talk to delegates and speakers who have been with us in Birmingham today.

Post-event info and resources can be found at

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Catch up on day one of Digifest 2016 with our podcast as we talk to delegates and speakers who have been with us in Birmingham today.


Post-event info and resources can be found at

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Learning analytics specialist Niall Sclater has been working with a number of universities to help them with the legal and ethical issues they encounter as they implement learning analytics. Here, he talks about interventions with students.

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Learning analytics specialist Niall Sclater has been speaking to experts about the legal and ethical issues around giving university and college students access to their data acquired from learning analytics. Hear what they had to say in our podcast. Find out more at or subscribe via iTunes.

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Jisc interviews experts on the legal and ethical issues surrounding asking university and colleges students for their consent to use their data for learning analytics.

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On 26 Jan 2016 Jisc welcomed customers to their annual stakeholder forum. Hear what their customers thought of their recent work with education and research providers and what their current concerns are for the coming year.

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This month Jisc launched a call to find the 50 most influential FE & skills professionals in the UK on social media. Tom Mitchell, group social media manager, talks about the initiative - which will recognise those individuals who are using social media in a way that benefits and adds value to teaching and learning.

Nominate yourself or someone you know at, and join in the discussion using the hashtag #jisc50social.

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Earlier this year, Dave Webster from the University of Gloucestershire was named as one of Jisc's 50 most influential social media users in UK higher education. In this podcast he shares some of his learnings about how the university's Religion, Philosophy and Ethics progamme has been using social media to engage students. 

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