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This week we get a student's view on the response to COVID-19, we were joined by Owen Barlow, final year student and student fellow specialising in wellbeing and the curriculum at the University of Bristol. We chat with Owen about how universities can help support students during this time, the importance of interactivity when teaching online to keep students engaged and how he is handling studying from home.

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This week Christian Celecia, Director of Information and Communication Technologies at the University of Gibraltar, shares how they responded to COVID-19 including how they trained and supported the staff to use technology for online teaching and how they have helped play a part in Gibraltar's fight against the virus.

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In this podcast we'll hear from members about how they are implementing Education 4.0 technologies including their challenges, successes, and where they had to re-assess.

For the first few weeks we will be focusing on the impact of coronavirus, sharing how further and higher education institutions have responded to the crises and asking how this pandemic could impact learning in the future.

In this week's episode we were joined by Scott Hayden, digital innovation specialist at Basingstoke College of Technology, who shared insight into how they are supporting staff to continue their teaching online and how they have embedded digital learning during this time.

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