Beyond the Technology: The education 4.0 podcast

Our guest this week is Jamie Giarraputo, a teaching and learning coach from South Thames College Group. Jamie leapt from the music industry into teaching, and in his own words, fell in love with the whole process.

Edtech, innovation, and digital skills are at the heart of his passion for teaching, and Jamie shares some brilliant tips and tech that can be used to engage learners.

Initially self-isolating during lockdown, Jamie turned to Instagram to share quick, informative and accessible updates to support staff with remote teaching. The TLA team are now on Instagram and Youtube, where they gain comments from teachers all around the world.

Jamie explains the benefits of using social media to support staff to upskill, and the positive impact that such social media accounts can have on staff wellbeing during situations like lockdown.

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This week our guest is Dr Chris Bonfield, a technology-enhanced learning manager from the University of Bath. Chris is a once medical medieval historian-turned future gazer, who’s research explores education 4.0 around the globe.

Chris’s experience gives him a unique perspective about the potential that technology has to enrich the educational experience. We chat all about his findings and what the UK can learn from the rest of the world, what’s driving the change in employment and how higher education can react to industry 4.0.

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