Beyond the Technology: The education 4.0 podcast

We’re joined by Dr Jill McKay, a senior lecturer of veterinary science education at the University of Edinburgh.

Jill has completed some fascinating research into lecture capture, how students use recordings, and why. The data is really encouraging, so it’s worth a listen to hear some of the benefits, in particular for students from widening participation backgrounds.

As you’ll be able to tell, this was a wonderfully fun and interesting chat. Jill is a brilliant speaker, and shares some great resources to help you to use recordings to their best potential, in a way that helps both staff and students.

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Dr Phil Anthony, learning technologist from the division of natural sciences at the University of Kent, joins us to talk about his international digital teaching best practice community, where sector professionals from all around the world now engage to share advice, experiences and ideas about teaching online and digitally.

Phil is a brilliant guest, full of ideas and insights from what he’s learned from setting up the community. The group has proved a huge success in so many ways, reassuring staff around the world on mutual experiences (enter the great cameras on or off debate again, Phil shares a really interesting story there).

Phil also shares his top tips on making online teaching engaging, and how you can join in with the online community yourself – by visiting the link in our show notes.

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