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This week Derfel Owen, Registrar and director of student and registry services at University College London, joins us to talk about how the university moved their exams online as part of a university wide digital assessment strategy.

Derfel explains how and why the university chose to transition exams to online at such scale, providing more than 20,000 students with 1200 digital exams in Spring 2021. He also shares the lessons learnt from the project, and provides advice about how other institutions could approach bringing assessments online.

We also discuss the future of assessment, looking into how things such as artificial intelligence help to improve the assessment marking process.

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In this episode we are joined by Clare Killen, senior consultant for the business intelligence team at Jisc, to talk about the findings from the recently released HE and FE staff digital experience insight surveys.

The annual survey polls over 6,500 teaching staff in further and higher education, looking into their experiences of using technology to support their teaching.

Clare provides an interesting deep dive analysis into the results, as well as suggesting what can be done to support staff digital skills going forward.

The episode also investigates how the role of teaching staff has changed since the pandemic.

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