What the Edtech?!

There is a reality in many institutions where both students and tutors are frustrated by slow, paper-based assessment and feedback processes. Digital technologies can offer much improvement but institutions are still finding there are a lot of barriers to overcome, particularly when it comes to electronic management of assessment, or EMA.

So why are the opportunities being missed?

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The publication of the FELTAG report and the government response to FELTAG - which was looking to find how we can best support the further education sector with the evolution of new technologies, for the benefit of learners, employers and the UK economy - has been met with a lot of enthusiasm. But there has also been some confusion. Here we look to identify the next steps for institutions.

Find a text version of this podcast and links to the mentioned reports and publications at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/blog/how-we-are-supporting-you-through-the-feltag-recommendations-03-nov-2014

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Digital collections are not always as discoverable as they could be through the channels and devices most commonly accessed by users. Karen Colborn, digital content manager at Jisc, discusses some of the challenges in making resources more discoverable and offers a few top tips.

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