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On this episode of Beyond the Technology, Sophia Speakman hosts Professor Niamh Nic Daeid, Vincenzo Rinaldi and Heather Doran from the University of Dundee, winners of the innovative use of technology award at the Herald Higher Education Awards, to discuss the exciting project surrounding virtual reality (VR) being carried out at the Leverhulme Research Centre.

Niamh and Vincenzo outline how the team aims to revolutionise crime scene investigations and court proceedings using VR. Having already worked with the Danish police, the project is focused on creating a systematic approach to turn crime scene images into a VR environment, providing a more immersive decision-making tool. The team envisions a future where VR brings crime scenes to investigators, reducing the need for physical travel.

Heather discusses how the pandemic limited engagement of the tool with public audiences due to the tactile nature of the VR technology and also how the university’s widening access team hope to work with them to share VR with students.

Vincenzo addresses the high costs associated with advanced forensic technologies and how the project aims to focus on cost-effective solutions by repurposing existing tools such as traditional cameras and commercial-grade VR devices.

To close, Vincenzo and Niamh offer advice to other universities seeking to explore innovation in technology.

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