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In this episode of the Beyond the Technology podcast, Fiona Steel, graduate teaching assistant at Leeds Beckett University, joins Heidi Fraser-Krauss, Jisc’s CEO, to discuss using virtual reality (VR) to tackle the gender disparity in STEM education. Fiona is delivering a lightning talk session on this topic at Digifest. So, if you enjoy this conversation, be sure to attend her talk at 11:30 on Wednesday 13 March at the Digifest event, taking place in Birmingham and online.

Fiona begins by looking at the complex issue of gender disparity in STEM education and careers and why they still remain male-dominated. She tells us about her hopes for encouraging more women, girls and non-binary learners to engage in STEM subjects, without alienating anyone else, to move society forwards.

Fiona explains how VR can be used in the classroom to tackle gender disparity by making learning content more inclusive, accessible and engaging, showcasing diverse role models and perspectives and challenging stereotypes.

Listen to the full episode now, and if you enjoy this episode, look out for Fiona’s lightning talk at Digifest on 13 March.


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